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news Letter April 2018

January 2018 Number 114

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Report on the ICAOP-2017

Prof. Tankeshwar Kumar.

Shri Benjamin Lionel.

Jayeta Banerjee got the first oral presentation award. She is a PhD student at the Department of Applied Optics and Photonics, University of Calcutta.


A four-day International Conference on Advances in Optics and Photonics (XLI Conference of Optical Society of India) was held on November 2017 at CRS auditorium organized by the Department of Physics, Guru Jambheshwar University of Science & Technology, Hisar, Haryana. The chief guest on this occasion was Shri Benjamin Lionel, Director of IRDE, Deharadhun. The Guest of Honor was Shri Satish Kumar, Director of the National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra. Prof. Kehar Singh was the technical chair of ICAOP-2017. The conference was attended by over 400 delegates from India and abroad. It was sponsored by the Defense Research and Development Organization, the Department of Science and Technology-SERB, the Department of Atomic Energy-BRNS, the International Commission of Optics, the Optical Society of America, Bharat Electronics Ltd. and supported by manufactures/dealers. A souvenir was also released on the occasion of the Inauguration emphasizing the completion and celebration of the 50th anniversary of Haryana.

Prof. Kehar Singh, Technical Chair – IIT Delhi briefed the audience about the conference.

The Vice Chancellor of Guru Jambheshwar University of Science and Technology, Prof. Tankeshwar Kumar, gave a message at the inauguration of ICAOP: “Advanced optics based next generation devices are likely to influence our lives in so many ways that we could never have imagined a few decades ago. And we move ahead in 21st century with Photonics that will play even more significant role in new modalities in the practice of medicine, more efficient national defense, sensor technology based on nano-materials.”

The Director of IRDE, Shri Benjamin Lionel, emphasized that battlefield strategy evolves with the technological innovations.

Dr. A. K. Gupta, president of the Optical Society of India (OSI) briefed about the society goals and activities towards promotion of optics in the country. Prof. Satish Mishra, a rebound scientist of country better-known integrated missile technology development and currently director of the National Institute of Technology stressed on the development of indigenous developed technologies in this field of optics.

Also, Prof. Devendra Mohan Convener told that the ‘International Conference on Advances in Optics and Photonics’ being organized under the umbrella of the prestigious ‘Optical Society of India’ would nurture various fields on current advancements from communications to manufacturing, diagnostics to aerospace particularly with design of novel nanophotonic structures, quantum computing and imaging techniques.  

Other activities during the ICAOP There were four Plenary lectures and two Special Lecture/tutorial, these by Virendra Mahajan (USA) and Padamshree Rajpal S. Sirohi (IIT Delhi). There were also thirty seven invited talks from all over the world, 260 invited papers (83 was oral presentations and 177 poster presentations) organized in 26 parallel sessions on different themes. OSI meeting was held the first day of ICAOP.

The technical session started with a plenary lecture by Zeev Zalevsky (Israel), on Remote photonic diseases sensing. He gave a glimpse of how photonics is going to detect some fatal diseases at earlier stage enabling better prevention and cure. The second half of the day started with the talk “Multicontrollable Metasurfaces” by the plenary lecture Akhlesh Lakhtakia (USA) who stressed out how the concept of multicontrollable metasurfaces is inspired by biological multicontrollability.

The 2nd day started with a highly informative plenary lecture by Prof. Daniele Faccio (UK). During his mesmerizing talk where he started with history of photography where the first photograph took days of exposure to modern day image capture targeting event control within nanoseconds, he emphasized on recent developments in CMOS technology.

The 3rd day started with a plenary lecture by Prof. Pablo Artal (Spain). He explained about applications of adaptive optics in eye related health issue. On the last day of the conference there were two talks on silicon Photonics and Erbium doped fiber amplifiers by K Das and Vipul Rastogi.

Prizes during ICAOP: OSI best paper awards were announced by the organizers; one for Optical Society of America (OSA) and six for OSI along with four ICAOP Awards.

J. Banerjee got he award for best oral presentation. Namitha C. V., Parimal Sah, and Kavita Yadav got the Ist, IInd, and IIIrd awards for best oral presentation.

Sushanta Kumar Pal, Hauz Khas, and Ramesh Kumar got the Ist, IInd, and IIIrd Optical Society of India Awards for best poster presentation.

Soumadri Samanta and Anil Kumar Chauhan got the Ist and IInd ICAOP-Young Scientist Awards for oral presentation.

Jogender Singh and Atul Kumar Dubey got the Ist and IInd ICAOP-Young Scientist Awards for Poster presentation.




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