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Arnulfo Zepeda Dominguez

Dr. Arnulfo Zepeda Domínguez

Mesoamerican Centre for Theoretical Physics, Chiapas, México


Arnulfo Zepeda Domínguez is director of the Mesoamerican Centre for Theoretical Physics, Senior Researcher at the Physics Department of the Cinvestav, and level III Researcher in the Mexican national System of research. He was born in San Luis Potosí en 1943 and studied Nuclear Engineering in Prague, Czech Republic, where he obtained the M. Sc. degree in 1967. He obtained the Dr. of Sc. degree in Physics in 1970 at the Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the IPN (CINVESTAV) and the Ph. D, in 1972 from the Rockefeller University (USA). He has specialized in elemental particle physics and the physics of ultra-energetic cosmic rays and led the construction of the Mexican Observatory Pierre Auger for ultra-energetic cosmic rays. Dr. Zepeda has published more than 90 scientific articles. He was President of the Division on Particles and Fields of the Mexican Physical Society, and President of the Society. He has been advisor of more than 20 young researchers and has received numerous distinctions.