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María del Carmen Samayoa

Prof. María del Carmen Samayoa

Guatemala Academy of Medical, Physical and Natural Sciences


Professor María del Carmen Samayoa, from Guatemala and ex president of the Guatemala Academy of Medical,Physical and Natural Sciences, is Biochemical specialist with a Master degree in Toxicology . She has dedicated her career to Applied Research. As a result of that, she has presented 89 publications in International Scientific Journals. She has also made two chapters ia a book related to tropical fruits storage . Is also a Committee member of COGUANOR (for accreditation of laboratories), and laboratory auditor for ISO 17025.As a teacher, she has worked in two of the most distinguished universities of Guatemala. Active member of the National Council of Science and Technology. . Member of the TWAWS. In the present, she is a member of ICSU Regional Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean. Secretary of the Caribbean Scientific Union board.