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M5: Optical Fiber Communications: DWDM System


Universidad de Costa Rica,
San José de Costa Rica, Costa Rica

Date & Time: May 3rd 2012 (9:00 AM – 12:30 PM) and May 4th 2012 (9:00 AM – 11:00 AM) 
Course Level: Advanced 
Instructor: Prof. Luis Diego Marín Naranjo

In this practical short course, a practical demonstration of the photonics in a WDM (wavelength division multiplexing) equipment is carried out.   The system demonstrates the revolution in fiber optics communications.   Every student of science or engineering will have a good working knowledge and understanding of WDM systems covering:

  • Measurements of insertion loss, directivity and back reflection/return loss for a coupler, WDM, isolator, circulator, DWDM mux/demux devices).
  • Determination of isolation/extinction ratios in various optical components.
  • Narrow band response of a number of optical components.
  • Temperature of Bragg grating
  • Characterization of a DFB laser with operating temperature.